Getting pants on for Efry and Piper

    OITNB TV tie-in cover s. 3

    Kinda. Actually totally. I spend far too much time in front of the tube but every time I think I'm done, and whole new season of my faves comes on Netflix. Like Orange is the New Black. Seriously, I can not wait until the next season is released and I can have Crazy Eyes and Tasty back in my living … [continue]

    The Basement Reno

    Little Man

    If you’ve been at all following along on my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed random basement reno posts for the last year. No I’m not just spreading out the posts to keep the intrigue alive, it has really just taken this long to build a damn room for my kids to destroy  let their imaginations run […]


    The love of food ties families together

    It Turkey weekend here in the great North! Thanksgiving is about two things – food and family. Ask anyone what kind of stuffing they like, or how they prefer their mashed potatoes and there is a good chance the will say how their mom, dad or grandparent has been preparing it all their lives. These […]


    MomStyle Monday – Grilled Chicken Salad

    Grilled Chicken Salad #momstyle

    There really are no rules here, use whatever seasonings you have one had, whatever lettuce or greens are in your fridge. Mix it up, create your own fave combination of flavours. Keep it simple and enjoy.


    Mom! What’s for dinner? Instant Rice for the win


    Argh, I hate hearing those words for two reasons 1- I have no idea 2- I don’t want to cook anything Seriously why do kids insist on being fed all the time, how dare they! Ok but really, I often struggle getting dinner on the table that is worthy of sharing. Last monday it was […]


    Keeping the family healthy one #Honibe at a time


    Keeping kids healthy and active is basically my only goal in parenting. Reach for the stars, right? I know. So when I find products that help me along the way that my kids actually like, I’m all over it. Having a company from Canada, try to keep me away.     As I learn more […]


    LG saving lives one laundry load at a time #LGNFC

      Ugh, laundry. My nemesis, seriously. I write about it often because really, it just never ends. Never. Then kids come along and then it really never, ever ends. You’d think I’d get better at it with all the load I do. But I kinda just fake it. When I say fake it, I’m not […]


    #OneDay4Android is finally here!

    990x450_OneDay_Blog_Now_Available (1)

    Alright all you Android users (we’ll talk about that another time), it’s finally here. One Day App for Android, now you too can have all the fun the rest of us have been able to enjoying making movies and recording moments with our littles. This app has been so much fun and I’m so excited […]


    Curried Lentil Stew #MomStyle

    Chicken Lentil Stew #momstyle

    I made Lentils the other night. I’ve never made lentils in my life. So of course the obvious thing to do is going to Pinterest, pin all the things and then just make up whatever you want anyway. Yeah, I’m good like that. Turns out, when you throw everything you have into a Lentil Stew, […]


    #RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

    1. First Home_JAN15_8_TW

    Monkey and I bought our first new home over 10 years ago, 3 homes, 2 kids and a dog later, I’m still often confused and left leaving the bank what the heck just happened. Thankfully, Social Media has come a long way since then to help people like to me make sense of the process. […]


    Monday Night Chicken – MomStyle

    Mom Style Mondays - Monday Night Chicken

    I don’t love to cook, at all, but unfortunately the Bugs insist on being fed. Every. Single. Day. So, in order to keep my sanity and the kids hangry’s at bay, I have a few quick recipes up my sleeve, that make it look like I know what the hell I’m doing, when really I’m […]