Spring is here – Time for a Greener Smarter Home #DEsmarthome

Or at least it's supposed to be. Apparently the big guy pissed her off this year, and she's punishing us with weeks more of snow. But I regress. Spring is here, which means it's time to start thinking of ways to get the house all fresh and clean again. It's also the perfect time to start thinking … [continue]

Oops I did it again – Sew Creative blogiversary and #giveaway


Oops, I totally forgot all about my blogiversary, the nice folks at Hostgator reminded me when they sent me an email asking for my credit card number again. Good thing my friend Crystal from Sew Creative Blog is also celebrating her blogiversay and is ridiculously more organized than I am, so I’m totally piggy backing […]


What a really wanted – Google Nexus 7


Didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? Yeah, me neither. Any men reading this blog, if so, listen up! When you wife asks for underwear and bra’s for Christmas because hers are hanging by a thread you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, buy her a death trap Ninja Pro blender. Just don’t. […]


Parents Night In – Mattel #GameOnParty

Kids, they ruin everything don’t they, including the social life. No more late nights out at the local pub, sleeping in till noon to take care of the dreaded wine-ache (it’s a word, trust me) yup they sure are a hassle. Ok, who am I kidding? I’m way to old for that stuff anyway. Honestly […]


Blunt Mom Telephone Vlog

Tiffany from My Dirt had a brilliant (or insane, yet to be decided which one) idea, that a few of us Blunt Mom’s should play Vlog telephone, of course I said yes, since I’m such a natural on the camera and all. Anyways, check out my answer for the question I had from Christine from […]


Momstyle Monday – eMeals, Creamy Ranch Pork Chops

All the ingredients you need to make dinner.

Since going back to work in November, life has been crazy, to the point where I don’t know the last time I washed my floors (oh yeah company came over last month, maybe then), the dishes in the sink are piling up and I think I showered this week. I think. This also means that […]


Did someone say CASH?!? – Holiday Gift Guide


  Who doesn’t need a little bit of cash this time of year, or anytime really? I’ve been lucky enough to team up with some pretty awesome and hilarious Blunt Mom’s to give you a chance to win $325 big ones! I know I could buy a lot of boots with that money, *cough*cough, I […]


Triple Flip Onesie – Holiday Gift Guide 2013


I was recently introduced to Triple Flip and I have to admit I’m totally hooked, fortunately I have a tween niece who also loves the store and could not have been more excited when I told her we were going on a shopping trip. Triple Flip was born in 2005 opening their first store in […]


Adventures of Little – Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #giveaway


    One of my favourite local online stores in Adventures of Little.  Not only are they local, but Laurie carries something for everyone. The best part is everything is geared towards green living and most items are Canadian Made! I’m so excited to share her store in this years Holiday Gift Guide. Men are […]


Holiday Gift Guide – 2013


  Welcome to the 2013 Two Bug’s Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve teamed up with some great companies with some incredible products to introduce to all my amazing readers. Find something for almost everyone on your list, from your hard to buy for MIL to your super picky toddler, and most of the items and businesses […]


Kids Photography Academy – Holiday Gift Guide


  I recently learned about a new online classroom for kids (age 6-13) on Kickstarter , designed to let them learn the art, science and fun of photography anytime, anywhere! Kids Photography Academy  is created by Janet Pliszka, a mom who is a professional photographer. She is passionate about getting kids behind the camera, not […]