#OneDay4Android is finally here!

990x450_OneDay_Blog_Now_Available (1)

Alright all you Android users (we'll talk about that another time), it's finally here. One Day App for Android, now you too can have all the fun the rest of us have been able to enjoying making movies and recording moments with our littles. This app has been so much fun and I'm so excited to … [continue]

Curried Lentil Stew #MomStyle

Chicken Lentil Stew #momstyle

I made Lentils the other night. I’ve never made lentils in my life. So of course the obvious thing to do is going to Pinterest, pin all the things and then just make up whatever you want anyway. Yeah, I’m good like that. Turns out, when you throw everything you have into a Lentil Stew, […]


#RBCFirstHome Twitter Chat

1. First Home_JAN15_8_TW

Monkey and I bought our first new home over 10 years ago, 3 homes, 2 kids and a dog later, I’m still often confused and left leaving the bank what the heck just happened. Thankfully, Social Media has come a long way since then to help people like to me make sense of the process. […]


Monday Night Chicken – MomStyle

Mom Style Mondays - Monday Night Chicken

I don’t love to cook, at all, but unfortunately the Bugs insist on being fed. Every. Single. Day. So, in order to keep my sanity and the kids hangry’s at bay, I have a few quick recipes up my sleeve, that make it look like I know what the hell I’m doing, when really I’m […]


Sometimes kids are funny. #OneDayKids

Lights, Camera, Action!

You know that saying “Kids say the darndest things”, it’s actually really true. My kids crack me up on a daily basis which is probably why they continue to live the times they are driving me to drink. Juice, drinking juice of course. The problem is that most times we don’t get to capture these […]


Guest Post: When it all Changes – Magnolia Ripkin

Guest Post Magnolia Ripkin via Two Bugs

I had the pleasure of finally meeting the elusive Magnolia in person back in May. You guys!  She is the shit, this lady oozes wit from her pores. She has been an online mother hen to me and my writing for some time before, but after ACTUALLY getting to meet her, she cemented a place in my […]


It’s Friday night!

Just another Friday night sitting at home eating my Garlic Popcorn, drinking my cider and mulling over what everyone is wearing to bed. Seriously, I need to know!      


Did someone say Dance Party? #ThisisBliss

You’ve probably seen on the interwebs people talking about Blissdom and using the hashtag #ThisisBliss, and what is your Bliss and on and on and on. Seeing as this years Blissdom will be my first Blogging conference ever, I really had to stop and think exactly WHAT the hell is my Bliss?! My Friend Leanne […]


Sex Tape – The Movie #Bedroomspice

It’s no secret that most people’s Sex life tanks for the first while after kids (those of you that are nodding your head saying, no way, no me, all all liars. There I said it) combined with an inability to figure out technology your three yr old can operate, I’m talking about the cloud, you […]


Summer time and Rhubarb goodness

I'm pretty sure I could eat this cake day and night. It would be great as  muffin too. Thanks Misty for the photo and post!

Summer has finally arrived. Know how I know? The Rhubarb is out, growing by the butt loads in backyards and alley ways every where. Yeah, I said alley ways. It’s the weed that keeps on giving. It’s the one weed I can actually live with and get excited about. Last night I chopped up 16 […]


Mother’s Day shopping for the procrastinators

Mother’s day is coming! If you’re anything like me, you have probably left it to the last minute and know you may be panicking about what to get. Have no fear my dear readers, online shopping at its greatest is here to the rescue! One of my fave online boutiques Mod Cloth, has some super […]